Miller Transportation started, not as a corporation or big enterprise, but in a way that was typical of the time- a farmer needing to supplement his income.

Driving a school bus was the perfect answer, morning and afternoon school runs with time to farm, and an occasional field trip.  In 1937 Emmett Miller Sr. “Dad” purchased a School Bus, tending to all the maintenance and cleaning on his own.

In 1960, his two sons Tom and Emmett Jr. decided to follow in his footsteps, with Dad at their side.  As their commitment and exemplary service continued, the business grew and grew. From school buses, to transit buses, to motor coaches.

Now the third generation, having grown up in an atmosphere of dedication and commitment, are taking command.  We still have the interest in the mechanics and driving as well as new blood thriving for the latest technology.  We have only one wish…. That Dad could see us now.

  • Emmett Sr.
  • Dad & Emmett Jr.
  • Third Generation